SEPTA (Special Ed PTA) Board Responsibilities
The duties described below are to be used as a guideline. A good executive committee member must be willing and able to work as a team member, be able to speak up and express oneself at meetings, but also be able to support a majority vote regardless of personal opinion. A good executive committee member recognizes the importance of confidentiality. He/she will also work in the best interest of the children regardless of personal opinion. The prerequisite for being an executive committee member is a desire to work on behalf of the children. It requires no special training - just caring.
President - preside at all meetings; coordinate the work of officers and committees: preside at all executive and general meetings develop agenda execute action items delegate tasks specific to projects liaison with principals and administrators develop annual budget with treasurer develop and oversee all committee responsibilities monitor and identify student/staff needs develop yearly calendar of events field phone calls and e-mails Vice President(s) - Aide to president, monitor committee projects, plan and coordinate activities, fills vacant committee head positions, specific tasks as needed: act as aide to president perform duties of president in the absence or inability of that officer to act attend executive and general meetings fill vacant committee head positions project specific tasks as needed Fundraising - oversee all PTA fundraising activities Membership ± Collect and track membership monitor committee projects phone calls to committee heads Treasurer - Prepares budget, maintains checkbook and prepares financial reports. An accounting background is strongly recommended for this position, but not required: budget preparation checkbook maintenance including reconciliation monthly financial reports quarterly national/state dues forms/payments maintain accurate records of all transactions for yearly audit attend all executive and general meetings attend all activities requiring financial recording and assistance including obtaining change for events, ticket sales and purchases, maintaining cash boxes for events including accounting of intake and invoice payment at the conclusion of events Recording Secretary - Takes and prepares minutes and collects information for historical files: attend all executive and general meetings take and prepare attendance and discussion notes review previous minutes collect all information and reports for historical file; maintain historical file identify action items/follow up and persons assigned to task transcribe notes into meeting minutes Corresponding Secretary - Recording Secretary’s backup, handles PTA supplies and mail distribution: attend all executive and general meetings provide backup for recording secretary maintain and organize all incoming communication produce written communication as needed track and order all PTA supplies and send out mail distributions. Council Delegates - Represents SEPTA at the Council of PTAs meetings, reports to the unit on district-wide issues and events and vote on council: attend all executive and general meetings attend all Council of PTAs meetings reports information between the unit and council
ELECTIONS WILL BE HELD DURING THE APRIL 15th MEETING The following is the Slate for the 2010/2011 Executive Committee for Oceanside SEPTA as presented by the nominations committee at the March 16th Special Meeting: President- Paulette Palmer Vice President Membership – Kathy Kaminsky Vice President Fundraising – Ellen Hisiger Treasurer – Vicki Cariciola Recording Secretary – Pat Block Corresponding Secretary – Shari Kwait Council Delegates – Danielle Brooks & Diane Olmstead Elections will be held on April 15th at the joint High School/Middle School/SEPTA Meeting. Installation of Officers will be held on June 14th