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Septa Newsletter - Oct 2010 Vol 1, Issue 1
The OUSC Special Needs Program provides the opportunity for mentally and physically challenged children to enjoy the experience of the game of soccer.
2013 - 2014 Septa Board Nominations - Report of the Nominating Committee
Special Needs College Fair! Bellmore-Merrick 11/19
Needed: Nominations for Staff Appreciation Awards. Who, what, and why by 11/27. Email to info@SeptaOceanside.com.
Next Meeting Thu 05/08 #6 - 7pm
Next Meeting Mon 04/29 #6 - 7pm Dr. Brown presents the Budget
Summer Programs
We are looking for people to help out on our committees, work with others, and be able to put in extra time to make our SEPTA as successful as it can be. Please return attached PDF.
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Join us on October 30, 2014 at School #6 at our SEPTA meeting at 7pm. Come listen to Sky as she tells us about her journey and her life with learning disabilities. I Am Just Me: My Life With Dyslexia and Dysgraphia - Sky Burke (Amazon.com)
Legislative Forum Molloy College Wed Mar 18th 7:30pm
Mon Mar 23rd School #7 7PM Staff Appreciation
Nominations are being sought for the 2015/2016 Executive Committee. You need not be a member to be nominated, but must join upon accepting the nomination.
Next Meeting Tue 05/19 School #8
2014 - 2015 Oceanside SEPTA Officers & Chairpersons
Co-Presidents: Elizabeth Beaman Jennifer Carboy Past President: Vicky Caraciolo Vice-President Ways & Means: Mary Messler Vice-President Membership: Debra Vaccaro Treasurer: Jodi Katz Recording Secretary: Elisa Berman Corresponding Secretary: Alexis Owens Advisor: Debra Kienke Teacher Delegates: Ellyn Levine, Elementary Joyce Block, Middle School Penny Ellis, High School Laura Garelick, High School Board of Education Liaison: Michael D’Ambrosio Council Delegate: Jennifer Carboy DAWC: Varda Cervone Information Brochure: Elisa Berman Legislation: Ellen Hisiger Newsletter Editor: Elisa Berman Nutrition: Elizabeth Beaman Scholarship: Vicky Caraciolo Website: Tom Hutcheson School Liaisons: #2: TBA #3: Jennifer Carboy #3: MicheleVentura #4: TBA #5:Jessica Dellamorte #6: Allison Fenster. #7: TBA #8: Kathleen Montella #9E: Gloria Panky
Nassau PTA The Advocate
Meeting & Family Fun Mon 06/20
Please join us for our first meeting of the year, October 25th, in the high school cafeteria. Come meet our new officers and see what is new with SEPTA this year. At 7:30, we will be joining the PASS speaker, Disability Advocate LeDerick Horne, in the High School auditorium. We look forward to seeing everyone there.
Next Meeting Tue 01/03/17 #3 - 7pm
Next Meeting Tue 01/03/17 High School Library
Next Meeting Mon 03/27 School #7
Next Meeting Mon 03/27/17 #7 - 7pm
Next Meeting Mon 03/27/17 #7 - 7pm
Next Meeting Wed 04/26 School #4
Next Meeting Thu 05/25/17 #5 - 7pm
Next Meeting Mon 06/19/17 #8 - 7pm
Back to School Bash Thu 09/14/17 #7 - 6:30pm
Mon 10/30 Halloween Party #6 6:30pm
Next Meeting Mon 11/06/17 #2 - 7pm How to Protect Your Child Legally and Financially Andrew Cohen, Esq. Mitch Weisbrot, CLU
Winter Dance School #6 Mon 01/29 @6:30pm
Next Meeting Tue 02/27/18 #5 - 7pm
Staff Appreciation Wed 03/14/18 #7 - 7pm see Facebook
Meeting School #8 Mon 04/16 @7:00pm
Yoga Night School #5 05/07 06:45